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I couldn’t help it so I threw it all out
I erased all of my emotions
But I couldn’t erase you


"Jessica will no longer be a part of Girls’ Generation"

"Luhan will no longer be promoting with Exo"

"Lee Joon withdrawing from MBLAQ to focus on acting career"



Actual Picture of Kpop 2014 Fans:



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no but remember 2009-2010 era when everyone was dancing Abracadabra and Mister and Ring Ding Dong and there was literally all these good, weird ass variety shows with idols and everyone got along and everyone was happy and there was so much peace and up until 2013 we were still kinda good and at what fucking point did it all start to go downhill

A heart is a heavy burden.


so apparently kpop’s concept this year is leaving groups am i right or am i right

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“Lately, I’ve been trying to be optimistic and have a lot of ‘fighting’ spirit. I think people need to be optimistic and full of ‘fighting’ spirit. You can’t be depressed all the time.”

951013 Happy Birthday to our precious, Park Jimin! #BTSCHIMCHIMDAY

things starlights wants to forget


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BREAKING: Thunder (Chundoong) also to leave MBLAQ with contract expiration



Earlier today, we reported that MBLAQ’s Lee Joon would be leaving the group after his contract expires with J.Tune Camp. Now, Thunder has also been revealed to be leaving the group. 

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vixx unplugging themselves

[Breaking] Lee Joon Withdraws from MBLAQ, Focusing on Acting Career


[Breaking] Lee Joon Withdraws from MBLAQ, Focusing on Acting Career

According to Star News, MBLAQ member Lee Joon did not re-sign with J.Tune Camp, ending his contract and withdrawing from the group and focusing on his acting career.

Star News just released the report that according to industry insiders, Lee Joon’s contract with J.Tune Camp recently ended. He did not re-sign with the agency, leading to withdrawal from MBLAQ in order to focus on his acting career.

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