im glad nyongtory exists

f(x) needs a comeback obama probably (via amberlius)



Kpop1000notes is looking for admins!

If you guys have been reading the tags recently, I’ve been having some problems with my computer, wifi, etc so the posts have been very spotty and unfortunately, I don’t see the sporadic queue changing any time in the future if I run this thing alone. (The other admin is on a tumblr hiatus.)

So….this tumblr is looking to recruit 1-2 admins!! :D

Information under the cut ^^

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Jinyoung giving Sleepy Sandeul a place to rest.

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Let’s take a moment to duuuh with Youngjae & Jongup.

some things never change 


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3 years ago, five angels were gathered together with the mission to bring happiness to our lives. Jung Jinyoung, Shin Dongwoo, Lee Junghwan, Cha Sunwoo, Gong Chansik, my angels. I love you guys more than anything.
thanks for making me smile.
thanks for keeping me alive.
thanks for everything.
Happy 3 years

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srsly bambam…

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