“Through the efforts of so many people the candle inside the cavern convent never blows out, twenty-four hours a day, 365 days a year, whether day or night. There’s only one reason why that candle always remains lit. It is for the sake of all the lonely people that lives outside that cavern. Those of you who feels lonely, and think that you’re alone… Know that someone out of there is praying 24 hours a day, just for you. Please remember this. You’ve never been alone, not even for one single moment”.

hyoyeon & her way with words…




These are just the most recent. I remember G-Dragon and Taeyang got into a minor accident a couple of months ago, and there have been several more in the not-so-distant past.

This is getting out of control.

Nam Taehyun’s expressions.


sistar’s award speech on inki gayo 140907

Happy 23rd Birthday to one of the most beautiful and genuine girls in kpop, Im Jin-ah. Thank you for being positive and cheering us up with your adorable, loveable and lively personality. Even though you’ve been misunderstood a lot, don’t forget to stay being real because that’s what made us love and admire you. Don’t forget that we’re always here to appreciate your effort and hard work. Please don’t be so much affected by those who dislike you because no matter what happen, we will always stand by your side to defend, protect and love you :) 임진아 화이팅!!  #ImNANADay

thank you for existing ❣

happy yongguk in sokcho TvT

vmon eating + scanning for more food

daehyun’s flower pose  /( ´ ▽ ` \✿)

Anonymous asked:
I know you guys have been asked about this before, but it really seems like you never post anybody from YG (except Lee Haru). I understand maybe your admins are not into YG artists, but they are a HUGE part of K-pop, and Winner, for instance, just had the biggest idol debut ever. You said before you queue up when an artist is promoting or a birthday or another important event. Well, several of those for YG artists have passed. Please try to do better.

(2/2) It’s just that, this blog is called kpop1000notes and when you don’t reblog BIGBANG, 2NE1, AKMU, Epik High, Winner, or Lee Hi, it gives the impression that they are not popular and never have 1000+ note posts. Which is definitely not the case. Right now, it feels like kpopexceptyg1000notes.

I’m a huge fan of all of YG but their promotions are so staggered compared to other companies, especially SM. Beginning in January of 2014, SM promoted DBSK, then SM the Ballad, GG, ToHeart, Suju-M, Exo, Shinee, fx, Henry, Red Velvet, Taemin, Suju, and soon it will be TTS. There was barely a time when an SM group wasn’t promoting. There just aren’t as many YG posts on my dash…

Suggest decent YG blogs and I will follow them (I just followed hell-ogoodbye, ygjunkie, vvips, ygdomination, panda-smack, and yghigh. I’ve always followed ygfamilyy)

~Admin H (Please keep in mind that I, specifically, manage 4 other blogs and am a full time student)

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